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We offer a range of HR management services

Strategic HR Management


As business partners, we align ourselves with owners and executives to move their organizations forward. We engage in environmental scanning, skills and needs assessments, workforce planning and development, organizational development and other areas relevant to the future demands and growth of the company. 


Our proactive approach enables our clients to make the right decision at the right time with the right people. 

Administrative and Operational Services 


Why worry about the nuances of the day to day tasks? As your service team, we assume all of the administrative and operational responsibilities. We manage recruitment, hiring, onboarding, recordkeeping, compliance, risk control, employee benefits, payroll, employee coaching, management training, employee engagement, performance, training and development.


Vendor Management


Through research and experience, we have identified a list of preferred vendors who are leaders in their fields of expertise. Our partnership with these vendors ensures the delivery of consistent and reliable services to our clients, based on best practices and current industry standards, which minimize exposures and take the hassle out of the process. 


Some of the areas that our vendors specialize in are: recruitment, payroll management, benefits administration and employee assistance programs, background checks and drug screening.


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